Parents and Careers

Welcome to Parenthood and Careers:

Welcome to parenthood and careers.  Included are some articles and blog posts that will help you to balance your work, home, family and any other personal concerns and interests you may encounter.

Parenthood often makes us question our lives and wonder how much time should I be devoting to my career and family? Is my child or children receiving enough of my attention? Why do I feel guilty when I am at work? Who can I turn to find the proper balance between my family and career needs?

Let’s explore these issues and find answers to these questions. together.  Coaching and working with a coach can benefit you in these areas.

What is coaching?

Since a coach has a unique vantage point of being objective while being aligned with your goals and commitments a coach sees and hears things that you do to which ultimately can make a profound difference in your choices, behavior, performance and life overall.  It is very effective to have a partner who understands the issues you confront everyday.

How It Works:

We will identify your goals commitments and barriers to achieving them.  We will then develop a plan that immediately  puts you into action.  We will keep track, assess your progress and re-evaluate when necessary.

The Benefits:

A higher level of self- awareness and self -confidence and a more balanced life.

Top ten ways to double your effectiveness in one week

Top Ten Ways to Double Your Effectiveness in One Week These tips apply to everyone who works but they are especially useful for parents who are feeling stressed out by their work and child-rearing responsibilities. Use the unique strengths of others. For example, if...

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Encourage good health habits

Lead by example. Show your children that you get the proper amount of rest and lead a balanced lifestyle. Encourage Good Health Habits!  Join a gym as a family. Most gyms or community centers have discounted rates for families. Eat healthy foods. Keep plenty of...

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Easing The Back To School Transition

Easing The Back To School Transition This month's broadcast will focus on how to ease the back to school transition for working parents. Remember chaos may reign for the first few days. Perhaps you may wish to share your experiences as a child when you went back to...

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Surviving Summer Vacation

Surviving Summer Vacation - 10 tips on how to get the most out of your summer vacation: Come home at least one day before returning to work in order to organize yourself. Pack (and make preparations) for your trip well in advance so that you are not leaving in a...

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