Individual coaching focused
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For leaders who want to learn more
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Using the latest tests to discover your personality type, interests, motivation,
values, personality style and temperament, Identifying these skills will enhance your satisfaction, potential and productivity.


I counsel people how to effectively transition to jobs and/or careers, balance their roles and responsibilities and understand the choices before them..


We will work together towards increasing your level of personal fulfillment, satisfaction and overall enjoyment and ease your concerns.

Counseling people in career transition

Lynn Berger, Career Coach, M.A., Ed.M. 

Through analysis, planning, testing and personal development. Providing executive, corporate and career coaching for business professionals – Lynn was recently awarded the Outstanding Career Practitioner award in recognition of her outstanding work in daily career services delivery. Read more about Lynn throughout the site.

Client Testimonials

Lynn Berger has been very helpful to me numerous times. She helped me feel confident in my career. She provided excellent advice and listened to my needs and concerns with sincerity. She supports you without making you feel incompetent. I really appreciate what she did for me and loved working with her.

– Sophie L.

Lynn was very helpful to help me assess my strengths and skills at a time when I was exploring career alternatives. She is a very good listener, and provides a lot of positive energy. Her counseling sessions also provided me with strong support to help me approach my transition with focus and discipline.

– Francois D.

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Welcome to the next steps in your career transition

Welcome to Lynn Berger Coaching. Whether you are looking for a new position, striving for that  dream job, starting a new business of your own or looking for a position that matches your current skills better, Lynn can help. If that little voice inside tells you that its time to look at a new challenge in your career, she can help. Career Transition involves evaluating your values and capabilities,  developing your personal brand, discovering opportunities for new or different career opportunities and finally job search. During your sessions with Lynn you will  determine relevant topics and a path to find the position you desire. 


Happiness … joy… pleasure… balance…

Do you experience these qualities in your life? From time to time, we may need adjustments in our career or personal life to bring us the satisfaction, motivation, or fulfillment we need to improve the quality of our life. Life is too short and precious not to enjoy every part of it. Consider making a career change if: your job situation or responsibilities have changed; you are feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied in your work and in your life; you are unhappy or bored with the career you have chosen; interpersonal issues at work are getting in your way and affecting your performance; stress affects you emotionally, mentally or physically; you feel daily pressures are too burdensome.

Assessing Your Talents

As a career counselor and coach, I can help assess your talents, identify your needs, and provide the necessary motivation for you to accomplish your goals. In a counseling and coaching relationship we will form a dynamic team to assist you in career planning and development that will: set both short and long range goals; determine action plans and monitor progress in attaining goals; resolve communication problems; manage change and conflict; keep you focused and on track; maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.

Working together to maximize your potential

Together we will work to maximize your potential and ease your concerns. The career counseling program is designed to increase your level of professional and personal fulfillment, satisfaction and overall enjoyment. Many clients achieve a renewed sense of perspective and make significant positive changes in their lives.

You will find it a rewarding experience

I approach my work in a thorough, succinct, relaxed and personalized manner. Through discussion, structured exercises, and career testing we will identify your skills, interests, personal style, needs and values. Career analysis will include, The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) along with other appropriate instruments. The information we uncover and develop through career counseling and coaching will enable us to create a career plan that will achieve excellence in your work and your life.

Lynn Berger Career Counseling

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Lynn has been extensively quoted in many national articles, and has appeared in a variety of television, radio and online presentations. Check out Lynn’s latest quote in the New York Times in the Media Center on her In Print & Online media page: Why You Should Take Time to Mourn During Career Transitions, Grief is common when you leave a job you love

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