The end of the school year is coming and it is time to get ready.

Ten tips for preparing for the summer. Get into shape physically. The summer is a great time of year to spend doing outdoor activity with your children. If you are well-conditioned both youand your children will get more enjoyment from these outdoor activities. Make...

Enhancing mental fitness

Movement is key to your physical health; regardless of your level of ability. Whatever your favorite exercise routine is have a “routine“ and stick to it. For me I love Zumba and if not possible a brisk walk. Daily pressures are thrust upon us and it helps to learn to...

Parenthood and Career – Thinking Hard About the Choices

"Now that I am a parent, my former position no longer feels right. This is causing me a great deal of anxiety and confusion because I've spent my entire life, up to this point, preparing for my career.I want to be more in control of my professional activities, but...

Leverage Your Strengths Wisely

As we often hear maximize your strengths. Yes, that is true; however, if overused a strength can become a weakness. For example as an aid to self awareness try describing your own strengths. You may possess Diligence and work hard and do not give up easily. Sometimes,...


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