Developing patience during this Covid 19 pandemic:

As most of us have heard patience is a virtue; especially in times of stress and uncertainty. How many times a day do you hear someone say or ask when will things go back to normal? The answer is unclear and probably longer than any of us would like. This causes undue...

Change of Season, Change of Motivation!

Feeling down that the summer is coming to a close? The leaves will begin to change and the days will become shorter. A Stanford-led study finds quantifiable evidence that walking in nature could lead to improved moods.  If you live in an urban area find a park or...

Reduce Stress In Your Life

Meditations for Career Changers Reduce Stress In Your Life Daily pressures are thrust upon all of us – especially those of us in the New York City rat race and concrete jungle. In my own career as an NYC Career Coach, I have found that most New York careers have...

How To Persevere When Making A Career Change

Meditations for Career Changers How To Persevere When Making A Career Change Persistence is key when making a New York City career transition. Harmonize your ambition with a capacity for patience. One needs to accept that progress will not always feel or look like you...


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