Leverage Your Strengths Wisely

As we often hear maximize your strengths. Yes, that is true; however, if overused a strength can become a weakness. For example as an aid to self awareness try describing your own strengths. You may possess Diligence and work hard and do not give up easily. Sometimes,...

Hybrid work is here to stay

Hybrid work is here to stay.  The cat is out of the bag.  There is no turning back now and  this needs to be employer supported with little or no penalties. Yes,  it is advantageous to have face to face interaction with your co-workers but in many cases the advantages...

This Fall is Different than Most…

This Fall is different than most: yet Fall is coming… Pause and take control! Meditations for Career Changers Fall is coming… Pause and take control! With all of your additional commitments in the Fall, you might begin to feel overwhelmed. If you start to feel this...

Use Your Summer Wisely Part 3

Summer is here again despite the pandemic. I have learned (and taught) that the summer is a great time of the year to catch up on the things you have been avoiding and set up the time to accomplish some new tasks and complete objectives. During this Spring your...

This is a wonderful time for networking.

Most people appreciate connecting with old friends and colleagues during this time. The conversations you may have are rich and meaningful.  We are all craving connections and reaching out to get in touch with others we might have lost touch with.  How often do we...


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