Developing Patience During COVID -19 Pandemic

As most of us have heard patience is a virtue; especially in times of stress and uncertainty. How many times a day do you hear someone say or ask when will things go back to normal?

The answer is unclear and probably longer than any of us would like. This causes undue frustration. To make life easier and more manageable this might be a good time to strive for more patience with ourselves and others.

It is a strange time and so fascinating that we have been working at lightning speed and traveling the world and now we have no choice but to pause and stop the hyperactivity.

As I recently stated in an article titled, 25 Ways to Get Through A Tough Day it can be helpful to say to yourself, “This is a moment in time and what can I learn from it?

Patience can be developed when we intentionally slow down and become more mindful of our reactions and actions. It helps to understand what triggers us and attempt to respond rather than react to situations. Being responsive means taking a deep breath and not feeling threatened by the situation.

As challenging as this period of time it may be a time to build up one’s patience……