Who Needs A Career Coach And Counselor?

Everyone can use a little help with their career. The following are a select few groups of people that can benefit from Lynn’s career coaching and career counseling services.

Career Transition (30’s, 40’s 50’s, and 60’s)

Mid-career slump

One may feel dissatisfied with his or her job and often with his/her life as well, even though he or she is performing successfully and making money.

Feeling unfulfilled is not necessarily a bad thing. We do change and the world around us changes. The feeling of being unfulfilled is a message to us that there are gaps in our professional lives that need our attention.

If you feel that you are in this spot, there are many things that can help. With over 30 years expericnce helping people transition to a career they love, Lynn Berger can help.

Leaving your job and moving to another company
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Execuitve coaching is needed at a few times in life, none so much as after  years of successful employment  which ends abruptly. 

Angst and anger can occur. Many people enter their jobs and expected that if they worked hard and were productive everything would be ok. That is not true and individuals constantly need to manage their career development by networking and attending professional meetings.

This can be daunting for many individuals and a career counselor can help one navigate their professional course.

One’s anger can be directed towards oneself and depression can result.. Talking with a trusted credentialed individual is key. As a licensed mental health counselor I can assist you during this turbulent disturbing time.

Returning to work after hiatus

A period of introspection and lack of confidence as to one’ s skills and value in the workplace can be questioned. Becoming overwhelmed with the job search process is common. When answers do not come quickly one can experience a career slump.

An individual needs to recognize the additional skills that may have been developed during that time such as time management, conflict resolution and organizing widely diverse activities. After changes in your employment status, one may have developed an array of interests that can be expanded upon such as healthcare, fundraising raising, and local community activities.

Career counseling can help one identify their interests and relate them to career opportunities. Career slumps can be overcome by working with a career counselor. A counselor can help you feel empowered, make better-informed career choices, network effectively in-person and online, navigate the social media landscape, effectively prepare pitches, improve interviewing skills, evaluate offers and even help you adjust to one’s new career,

One can experience a professionally guided exploration of one’s self-concept, goals, and aspirations as well as a realistic assessment of abilities, knowledge, and skills.
While this is happening the client is guided to assess the career opportunities available.

The goal is to develop a powerful match between the individual and the job/career as well as creating lifetime employability whatever stage one is in their life!

woman at work loving her job
college graduate

College Graduates

College graduates may experience loss of direction the year after they graduate. They expected to have started their careers by now, but have gone nowhere. Their parents become aware of the slumps and develop their own set of anxieties, as they see their son or daughter laying around the house, hanging out aimlessly and frustrating those around them.

The new graduate had completed a rigorous course of study and may be facing an unknown future.

As a career counselor, I can help young graduates deal with their anxiety and find direction towards their career development.