Wellbeing Satisfaction Quiz

Wellbeing Balance Sheet How do you respond to the questions below in the following 8 well-being areas of your life?

Physical Health
Do you make time for preventative tests and doctor visits appropriate for your demographic?

When there is something physically wrong do you seek professional advice?

Are you getting adequate exercise?

Do you get 7-8 hours of sleep most nights?

Do you maintain a healthy diet?

How would you rate the quality of your relationships at work e.g., co-workers and manager?

Do you have adequate time to spend with family and friends?

How would you rate the quality of your connections to friends and family?

Are you satisfied with the role you are in?
Do you feel your work has meaning and/or purpose?
Are you feeling burned out?
Are your daily responsibilities feeling too burdensome?
Are you feeling underutilized at work and unable to reach your career goals?

Do you have any hobbies?
Do you make time for laughter or fun activities?
Are you planning any travel?

Do financial concerns keep you up at night?

Are you carrying excessive debt?

Do you have knowledge of your finances and the financial decisions that you make?

Do you have goals and plans for retirement? Are you making adequate plans toward achieving those goals?

Do you make time in your day/week to reflect or take care of yourself?

Do you adapt or adjust to change in a positive way?

When dealing with stress and anxiety do you have adequate coping strategies? Do you talk to others and actively work through your problems?

Are you confident in yourself and the choices you have made?

Learning/ Personal Development
Does your job challenge you and provide you with development opportunities?

Have you taken any classes or learned new skills in the past 12 months?

Are there new skills or knowledge you would like to learn for personal enrichment or work?

Community Service
How much time per month do you devote to community and civic issues?

Are you aware of volunteer activities in your community?

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Self-assessment questions to ask yourself:

When looking at the well-being balance sheet what do you notice?

What is getting in the way of you accomplishing more of the priorities in your career or personal life?

What is the one change you can make to improve your wellbeing?

What information/resources do you need to help you achieve your wellbeing goal?

What support do you need and from whom to help you achieve your wellbeing goal?

How committed are you to reaching this goal?

When would you like to reevaluate your priorities/goals to see how much improvement you have made?