This Fall is different than most: yet Fall is coming… Pause and take control!

Meditations for Career Changers

Fall is coming… Pause and take control!

With all of your additional commitments in the Fall, you might begin to feel overwhelmed. If you start to feel this way- push the pause button. Many of us are working from home and our days have drastically changed. We need to establish a fall schedule especially we have children at home on “zoom school”. It will be challenging time for ourselves and our families.

As a New York City Career Coach and Manhattan-based Career Counselor who has worked with thousands of NYC based executives as well as professionals from all over the country and world, I understand the true meaning of being in the New York moment and feeling overwhelmed. I have also learned what it takes to make the necessary actions in order to get through the tough times.
Be aware
First, you need to be aware of your vulnerability to this feeling and remind yourself in a kind way – perhaps with a smile – “here it goes again…”
Push the pause button
You might have had a busy summer or a relatively slow one.; yet, you may need to push the pause button before all the action and your commitments start. Many people are back from vacation or never had a vacation and the school season is beginning.
Take control!
If you start to feel overwhelmed ask yourself what is the value of feeling this way? It can be helpful to take some action to distract yourself by doing something that you know makes you feel good. For example, calling a close friend, going out for a walk, deep breathing, meditating, exercising, drawing, singing, etc. Take control of the situation rather than taking control of you!
If you would like to know more and talk about the fall season, your general professional feelings and taking control in a positive manner, as well as Lynn Berger’s other strategies for NY professionals and career success, please give her a call at 212-289-5197.

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