Meditations For Career Changers

Executive Coaching and Career Counseling Thoughts
Insights For Job Seekers

Throughout Lynn’s career as a New York executive coach and NY career counselor, she has developed many different thoughts, ideas, concepts and strategies that have helped hundreds of professionals in dozens of different verticals. She calls them “Meditations For Career Changers.”

In this section, Lynn shares her own meditations for career changers with you. Please enjoy and take them to heart.

Maintaining good relationships is vital to achieving maximum satisfaction and performance at work
Become a Savvy Part-Time Professional
Use Your Summer Wisely – Part 2
Hope: A Pathway To Success
The Changing Definition Of Risk
The Benefits Of Delaying A Decision… Or Just Saying No.
Spring is in the air… Take action now!
Gaps in Employment – Don’t Feel The Need To Apologize
Balancing Work with the Rest Of Your Life – Learning How To Prioritize
Fall is coming… Pause and take control!
Volunteering Benefits All
Use Your Summer Wisely!
Are You Ready For Change?
Change Is Hard For Many – Part 2
Change Is Hard. And For Some, It Is Even Harder
The Value Of Being Nice
Is Finding A New Job Just Luck?
Start The New Year Off Fresh & On The Right Track!
Overcoming A Career Slump
Generational Differences At Work & How To Overcome Them
Surround yourself with supportive people. Have fun and celebrate your accomplishments!
Wanting A More Entrepreneurial Work Environment
Get More Creative In Your Career
Small Steps Create Movement
A Career Change is Like A Dance
Uncover Your Natural Gifts
What You Need To Be Fulfilled And Satisfied At Work
How To Persevere When Making A Career Change
Reduce Stress In Your Life

If you would like to know more about Lynn’s meditations and strategies for NY career success, please give her a call at 212-289-5197.