Change Is Hard For Many Part 2

Meditations for Career Changers

Change Is Hard For Many Part 2

As a follow up to my first essay about how change is hard, I wanted to share some more insight into the daily life of a job seeker. As a New York City Career Counselor and NYC Career Coach who has worked with thousands of New York executives seeking career and job search advice, please read below about some more thoughts and tips related to change in our lives…

Change before you absolutely have to…
It is an interesting idea because no one really feels the pressure that you necessarily have to change. It’s a more subtle experience, and you are not reacting to your situation, but responding to it.

Here are some tips for changing before you have to:
Change things in your life that begin to stifle you
Be willing to dream and step out of your comfort zone
Look at life and assess where it feels lacking or empty
If you feel alone, join a group or association in a field of interest
If you lack intellectual stimulation, consider enrolling in a class or applying for a degree
Perhaps you always wanted to start your own business
Instead of merely dreaming about it, at least take a class in how to start your own business. It will get the ball rolling.
Get clear on where the gaps in your life are and begin to take action. The options are limitless, but remember take small steps.

Many times we feel stuck and unable to take action
If you have a process or plan to follow, it becomes easier. Try breaking down an overwhelming task or desire into manageable pieces. With the support of others; a friend, a spouse, a partner or a trusted professional, you will acquire strength and conviction to go through the process of change. As you progress, strength builds upon strength, and action leads to more action.

The equation looks like this:
Step 1- realization one needs to make a change
Step 2- break down the challenges into manageable prices
Step 3- build up the courage to take risks

Each action is either confirmed it denied by your feelings throughout the process. Each action confirmed makes you stronger and more convinced to go on or not. You may decide to come to a halt because you realize this may not be the best decision for you at this time.

If you would like to know more about the value of change and the acceptance of change in our world as well as Lynn Berger’s other meditations and strategies for New York professionals and career success, please give her a call at 212-289-5197.

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