You may find yourself at home pondering your career and decide this may be the time to make some change.

You may have been infected with COVID 19 and/or have seen family members ill and feel life is to short not to be satisfied at work.

Or you may have experienced your company’s restructuring, or corporate layoffs. This may result after years of successful employment and can be very painful and disappointing.

Angst and anger can occur. Many people enter their jobs and expected that if they worked hard and were productive everything would be ok.  This is not necessarily true and can be daunting for many individuals and

one’s anger can be directed towards oneself and depression can result. Talking with a trusted credentialed individual is key. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Career Counselor I can assist you during this turbulent disturbing time.

The truth is many people have several different careers in their lifetime. Occupational movement is inevitable because of changes in the marketplace, our lifestyles, values and desires. 

So, the question is posed – “How can you achieve the most successful career transition?” The best way to solve this is to imagine you are creating and putting together the pieces of an intriguing, challenging and rewarding puzzle. Each piece needs to be closely examined, shifted and viewed from a variety of perspectives. Once you are able to fit the pieces of your puzzle together, you will have created the complete image, which in effect, will become your career. You must understand that fulfillment will come to you when pieces of your professional and personal life are combined and  become whole. Those various puzzle pieces include, but are not limited to your: Interests, Values, Motivated Skills, Temperament, Needs, Limitations and Background influences.

Once these areas are examined then one needs to  make room in their life for this new beginnings. It is important to create space and clear pathways, for change to happen.  Try to surround yourself with supportive people.  Nurture and support yourself.  Find an activity that grounds and anchors you!  For some it may be cooking, exercising, dancing, doing art activities, calling your friends/relatives, taking a walk, meditation, singing, reading enriching motivational books or listening to podcasts.

Work on developing a supportive network of people that appreciate you for whom you are and challenge you to become who you want to be. Reach out to people you like and admire.  This time can prove to be an opportunity for you to expand yourself.

Lastly to  achieve  a smooth career transition you need to  maintain your focus, perseverance and motivation. It is important to understand that this process may take time and fulfillment and awareness doesn’t happen overnight.   Keep the project in perspective and allow it to build upon itself, it will happen. I usually recommend my clients to take daily action to fulfill daily goals. It is helpful to establish a plan with simple action steps that will lead you through each step of the process.

This is an unusual time in our history and it can also be a time that allows you to explore alternate career opportunities that will enhance your fulfillment in the long term.

Be safe and stay well.