Enhancing Mental Fitness

Movement is key to your physical health; regardless of your level of ability. Whatever your favorite exercise routine is have a “routine“ and stick to it. For me I love Zumba and if not possible a brisk walk.

Daily pressures are thrust upon us and it helps to learn to manage stress by deep breathing, meditation and exercise. Make sure you make time for the things you enjoy and try to stay positive. Ask yourself what nurtures your health and spirit? Well being is not a choice it is crucial to your strength and vitality!

Socially it is important to have gatherings and events to look forward to. During the pandemic, many people isolated themselves and have realized that they need to make an effort to to connect with their friends and community. It takes time and planning; yet, the rewards are there. During the time spent with others, you will be glad you are there and feel better afterwards.

Taking classes, learning a new language, and playing games and puzzles are great ways to stay mentally sharp. This is not a lot to ask of yourself ;yet, you do need to make the effort and clear space in your day/calendar.

By paying attention and being mindful of these areas in your life you are taking control and will reap the benefits to maximize your “mental fitness”.