Surviving Summer Vacation – 10 tips on how to get the most out of your summer vacation:

  1. Come home at least one day before returning to work in order to organize yourself.
  2. Pack (and make preparations) for your trip well in advance so that you are not leaving in a rushed fashion.
  3. Make a list (and shop) for all the things you will need to bring on your vacation at least a week prior to leaving.
  4. Check long-range weather forecast of your vacation destination before leaving.
  5. Involve your children in your vacation plans. For example, you should show children a map where you will be visiting.
  6. Set a limit on how many times you will check your messages and e-mail. Remember this is a vacation.
  7. Research activities for your children. Finding age-appropriate activities will ensure that your entire family will have a good time.
  8. If possible, try to take your children to a new place. Going somewhere new will lead to more intellectual stimulation and traveling to new places is always exciting for children.
  9. Use vacations as a time for your children to get reacquainted with their family. For example, if your child has some free time the summer is a good time for them to sleep at their relatives.
  10. Use your vacation as a time to learn more about your children. Vacations are also a time for children to learn more about you.