Lead by example. Show your children that you get the proper amount of rest and lead a balanced lifestyle.

Encourage Good Health Habits! 

  • Join a gym as a family. Most gyms or community centers have discounted rates for families.
  • Eat healthy foods. Keep plenty of fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks in the house.
  • Use vacations productively. Center family vacations around physical activities such as biking, hiking, swimming, golf or tennis.
  • Encourage all forms of exercise. For example, walking is better for your children than relying upon car rides or public transportation whenever possible.
  • Keep passive activities to a minimum. Television, videos and computers may have some educational benefits but they contribute very little to the physical welfare of your children.
  • Enroll your children in intramural activities. Besides learning how to compete it is a good way for them to meet other children.
  • Visit doctors and dentists frequently. Explain the value of preventative measures to your children.
  • Find activities that your children enjoy. Exercise should be challenging but they should provide children with a positive experiment. Use exercise as a way to make your children good about themselves.
  • Have fun and relax. Use the opportunity of acquainting your children to a physical activity means for you to exercise and release some of the stress in your life.