1. Develop the vision and goals together.
  2. Communicate frequently. Keep abreast of your child’s changes and difficulties they may be encountering.
  3. Be approachable. Let your child(ren) know they can ask questions anytime.
  4. Teach patience. Let them know it takes a while to achieve a goal and you must keep trying.Persistence is key.
  5. Let them learn by doing to enable them to assume responsibility and make decisionsindependently.
  6. Lead by example.Show your child(ren) that you care about achieving your goals and specialprojects.
  7. Provide constructive feedback. Keep personal criticisms to a minimum.Stay focused on thetask.
  8. Offer rewards. Consider non-monetary rewards such as increased responsibility and praise
  9. Encourage growth and appropriate risk taking actions.
  10. Have fun.Celebrate the accomplishment.