Top Ten Ways to Double Your Effectiveness in One Week

These tips apply to everyone who works but they are especially useful for parents who are feeling stressed out by their work and child-rearing responsibilities.

  1. Use the unique strengths of others. For example, if you have a neighbor that enjoys children let them help your child with homework or allow them to coach your children in a sport or activity they enjoy.
  2. Assemble lists of resource people. In an emergency it is useful to> have the phone numbers of neighbors, relatives, friends, classmates or medical experts. These lists are also handy for everyday usage.
  3. Don’t hesitate on the tasks you need to accomplish. Procrastination often leads to waste and builds mountains out of molehills.
  4. Keep physical surrounding clean and orderly. A messy purse, wallet, desk or office often leads to disorganization and is a time waster. If you know where you have placed everything that is important than you spend less time looking for things.
  5. Organize your time. Don’t attempt to do many tasks at once. Prioritize your efforts and you will get more accomplished.
  6. Underpromise and learn to say no. In essence, this will lead to delivering more.
  7. Learn methods of stress reduction. There are plenty of tapes and books available that can help alleviate everyday worries.
  8. Allocate at least one half-hour per day to something that gives you pleasure. This will give you an outside interest and you can gain some perspective on child-rearing.
  9. Analyze the way your household is run. You may need to make some fundamental changes. Solely because something has been done one way does it need to be done that way indefinitely.
  10. Let your children take on tasks in the home. They may enjoy the responsibility and you will enjoy the help as well.


If you would benefit from someone helping you to balance work more effectively with your other roles and responsibilities so that you can become more fulfilled, feel free to contact Lynn Berger.