Easing The Back To School Transition

This month’s broadcast will focus on how to ease the back to school transition for working parents. Remember chaos may reign for the first few days. Perhaps you may wish to share your experiences as a child when you went back to school. Your child(ren) can begin to understand that you encountered the same feelings as them.

  1. Plan “back to school” shopping for clothing and school supplies with your child(ren).
  2. Have your child(ren) meet their classmates before school begins. If your child is attending a new school try to find another child who they can meet before the first day of school. You may even want to call the school for a referral.
  3. Talk to your child(ren) about the new school year and attempt to establish routines that they will follow for the school year (e.g. bedtime hour, meals and homework).
  4. Stay in town, if possible. A business trip will likely cause additional havoc. Attempt to simplify your work and home schedule and, if possible limit scheduling new business or potentially stressful meetings during the first week of school.
  5. Find another parent in the class who you can share ideas with regarding your child(ren)’s school experience.
  6. Try to take your child(ren)to school the first day and if possible, the first week or few days.
  7. Meet the teachers and open up lines of communication with the teachers and administrative staff as soon as possible.
  8. Immediately ask your children for feedback regarding their school experience. Don’t wait until parent teacher conferences and report cards.
  9. Most importantly, share your excitement and enthusiasm about the new experiences your child(ren) will encounter and new friends they will make during the school year.