What You Need To Be Fulfilled And Satisfied At Work

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What You Need To Be Fulfilled And Satisfied At Work

You have a right to be happy! Your NYC career can satisfy your personal and professional needs. Such a New York City career can be wonderful and effortless because it can feed your spirit and keep you at peace.

The key is to identify your most immediate needs. They may include feeling: accepted, accomplished, acknowledged, loved, cared for, certain, in-control, autonomous, needed, responsible, understood, peaceful, powerful, secure and much more, especially in New York! What are your most significant needs? Dig deep and discover them.

On the level of getting your needs met, where does your current Manhattan professional position fall short? Where does it succeed? Can you imagine another New York career for yourself that will satisfy your needs? Dream and think about what this could be.

Many people are neglectful about honoring their inner needs. Take a moment and distinguish between having needs and being needy.

All of us have needs. It is when these needs are not being met, one may try to satisfy them in ways that are unfair to other people and may appear needy.

Take the time to define a New York City career that fulfills your most important needs. Give yourself time to do this, and try to be as completely honest as possible.

Some needs are part of who you are. Throughout your entire lifetime others will gradually change as you find more fulfillment. That is ok and completely natural. Discover who you are today and shape or re- shape your career choice.

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