Wanting A More Entrepreneurial Work Environment

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Wanting A More Entrepreneurial Environment

As a New York City-based Career Counselor and New York Career Coach, I can assure you that being in an entrepreneurial work environment will lead to a stimulating, creative and energetic spirit amongst you and your co-workers.

One wants to achieve a good fit between their temperament and career path.

For some people that means being in a more entrepreneurial environment. I am a big believer in matching your temperament to your position and the organizational climate as well. For instance are you calm, excitable, sensitive, anxious, energetic? All of your personal qualities should be utmost in your mind when you think about your career choices.

A client of mine named “Paul” is a great example. Paul is a very energetic, positive guy with an entrepreneurial spirit. He came to me not long after he had started working at a very conventional job within a very conservative insurance agency. As a result, he felt a loss of creativity and energy. He would leave work exhausted, yet not feeling like he’d done the kinds of things he wanted to accomplish.

After some internal evaluation, Paul went to work for a startup. The environment isn’t nearly as stable, but it is definitely stimulating for him. He now feels invigorated. And when he comes home to his family each night he is calmer and much more able to enjoy his evening.

And speaking of coming home to family, here’s something that’s important to know. When you realize that your current job is not satisfying enough of your needs as a person, and you decide to make a career transition, the change will affect more than you are alone. Career transitions also affect people close to you.

The good news is that when you make a change that meets your needs, there’s a good chance that you’ll bring a more positive outlook into your home. Getting your needs met isn’t self-indulgent. It’s a vital part of having a satisfying life. The more satisfied you are with your own life, the more potential you have for a positive impact on people around you.

Often a person comes to want a more entrepreneurial environment because they have changed over time, and so have their needs.

For example, Lisa’s changing needs eventually put her on a new career path.

Lisa worked for many years in a simple and highly structured government job. She felt comforted by the stability and the regular schedule that went with it. She relied upon her job to sustain that feeling if comfort. But as Lisa grew and matured, she began to see the world from a more fluid perspective. She began to understand that she had a need for more space in her life, and the room to express her creativity. During our sessions, those needs became very distinct to her, and she soon began looking for work that would help her fulfill them. Now she is in a more diversified position that challenges her more and allows her to exercise creativity.

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