Volunteering Benefits All

Meditations for Career Changers

Volunteering Benefits All

As a New York City-based Career Counselor and Career Coach who has worked with thousands of individuals over my career, I have witnessed great things from volunteering on both sides of the coin.

Try a “Try Out”

Even if you think you know what you want to do you don’t need to jump into any endeavor with both feet and no parachute. I always recommend to my clients that they have a try- out experience, whether paid or unpaid, as a way to test the waters. Before you go to graduate school for social work, for instance, try volunteering to see if that sort of career is for you. Or if you think you want to teach high school, try substitute teaching for a few days. If you like art, volunteer in a museum.
Avoid Job Search Burn

Furthermore, the best way to avoid job search burn- out is to feel useful and productive by volunteering and/ or working on a cause you believe in. You can be helpful to others and gain perspective about your current situation. There are sites that match volunteers with specific needs. They include:,idealist.org, indeed.com and in New York; specifically, volunteer-referral.com.

Moving from a volunteer position to paid work is a wonderful transitional opportunity. You eliminate many pieces of uncertainty because you already know the people and routine of the organization.
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