Uncover Your Natural Gifts

Meditations for Career Changers

Uncover Your Natural Gifts

In the New York job market, there is a tremendous amount of competition. In NYC, the only way to rise above the others is to be yourself. And a great person to help you realize who you are is a New York career counselor.

Recognize and appreciate your natural gifts. Many of us take our natural strengths and talents for granted.

Discover them. They are your special abilities. Even if you do not recognize them other people do.

Be smart as well as gifted. Be conscious as to the activities you do well and like to do in and out of New York City. The payoff can be dramatic.

Take a moment now , think about what you enjoyed as a child. What brought you sheer, natural joy? Were you alone or in a group setting? Was there movement involved or was it quiet and contemplative? Did it involve a lot of details or was it more broad based? The person you were then is the person now that you still cherish. Think about your happier moments and was was occurring. These are your clues.

Now ask yourself today, what do you most enjoy? Most likely it involves time spent on activities that include your natural gifts. This is where you feel most engaged, less stress and more competent.

When a client is having s hard time figuring out their natural abilities I usually ask them what they can do most easily when they are tired and not feeling at their best . The answers usually uncover your natural gifts……

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