The Value of Being Nice

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The Value of Being Nice

In my role as a New York City Career Counselor and NYC Career Coach who has worked with thousands of New York professionals seeking career and job search advice, I wanted to write something about the value of being nice….

The Power of Nice
In our fast-paced, super-heated world, the value of being nice can be underrated.

In “The Power of Nice,” Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval state that “N-I-C-E” is the toughest four-letter word you will ever hear. It means moving forward with the clear-eyed confidence that comes from knowing that being very “nice” and placing other people’s needs on the same level as your own will get you everything you want.

During a New York job search, when you reach out to someone, and even when someone can not offer any help, a brief response rather than being ignored can be a boost and serve as a stress reducer.

I am not suggesting that all people are not nice, but sometimes it gets misunderstood in our rushed and pressured world – especially in New York City!

The greatest stress reducer is social support and being nice to others and yourself is the first step.

More importantly, your health will improve. Studies have shown that individuals who volunteer and provide support to others had a lower rate of premature death than their unhelpful peers.

Pay it forward see what happens. Have a nice day!

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