Spring is in the air… Take action now!

Meditations for Career Changers

Spring is in the air… Take action now!

A new season is upon us and I wanted to share some thoughts about Spring and how we can change our lives for the better. As a New York City Career Counselor and NYC Career Coach who is a seasoned professional, here is something New York executives seeking career and job search advice can think about and do in the upcoming months.

Spring and an extra hour of daylight
There is nothing like having longer, lighter days in the spring. In essence, you are given a gift – an extra hour a day to do whatever you wish…

What, where and how do you want to spend it?

Pick one area of your life and devote a week, two weeks, three weeks or a month to it.

Small steps…
I believe in making small steps to achieve success. Change doesn’t happen overnight nor should it. I recommend that my clients take one action a day toward their goals, especially their long term goals. Strength builds upon strength. Get moving. Build momentum. Steady effort counts for more than you’d imagine. Each action builds on itself. Every step along the way matters.

Mental stimulation
As a healthier, better educated and longer living generation, we are going to want and need continued challenges and mental stimulation. What about joining a book club? Taking a class in-person or a free online class at a university could be enlightening. Bookstores such as Barnes and Noble offer free book discussions and lectures on new books.

Physical exercise
As we all know, physical exercise enhances not only our muscles and bones but our minds as well. Think about starting running, walking, hiking or rock climbing routine. Or how about taking a class in circuit training, body weights, water aerobics, strength training or my favorite, Zumba?

Fun and your social life
What about enhancing your social life and doing something fun? There are many ways to expand your social circle. Try to reach out to a new or old friend every other day or join a new group. Seek out new opportunities. For example, you might want to consider a meetup group or cultural, political, spiritual /religious association. Another fun idea is taking a boat ride or cruise for (almost) no cost. You usually aren’t paid to volunteer but it can be a rewarding and free vacation. Put your background and experience to use by becoming a lecturer or instructor on a cruise line. Agencies are looking for well-informed and personable speakers who can present entertaining and informative lectures to passengers. Topics include but are not limited to art, travel, history, bridge, dance instructors, etc.

With increased focus, magic can happen and you will feel refreshed and energized by your new endeavors and actions. Enjoy!

If you would like to know more about the value of taking action in your personal life well as Lynn Berger’s other meditations and strategies for New York professionals and career success, please give her a call at 212-289-5197.

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