Small Steps Create Movement

Meditations for Career Changers

Small Steps Create Movement

The career change process takes time –, especially in New York City. Fulfillment and the achievement of your goals don’t happen overnight.

Changing a career is a wonderful thing if done correctly. It affects every part of your life. It involves having trust and taking steps.

Get in motion. Action leads to action. Build momentum. The steadiness of effort is the key. Set realistic goals related to your values and since most things take longer than anticipated, build in extra time.

As soon as you can define a path that seems to hold possibilities for your future, begin exploring. Research via people and online. Talk to as many people as you can. If possible, have a try- out experience. Get involved as a volunteer in a work-related area of interest. Believe in the process, if it is working keep going, if not let it go. Remember, you have not wasted time, you have just narrowed down your list.

As stated, career changing touches every area of your life. Every day make steps. Some days large other days small. Consistency is key to fulfill goals.

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