Is Finding A New Job Just Luck?

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Is Finding A New Job Just Luck?

As a NY Career Coach and New York City Career Counselor who has worked with thousands of New Yorkers seeking professional job search and career advice, I was wondering if people thought that finding a new job is all about luck…

If you do not explore or ask you might already know the answer…
There are a few things I can guarantee. One is that if you do not try or attempt to make changes in your personal life and professional life or career, little will happen.

Some think luck has something to do with finding a great job in New York City. Yes, it does! Luck is a matter of timing. However, you need to be in a lot of places for things to happen so there is intentionality present.

It is so easy to feel defeated especially in a job search in Manhattan. Most likely you will face rejection before acceptance. One’s expectations need to be managed. Only then can you get through the process more easily. Remember, we are talking about employment in New York City!

Persistence and patience are key. Try to find distractions so you do not get overwhelmed. Searching for a career in New York is no easy task.

Recently I was quoted in stating that job seekers in New York and around the USA need to “Find a Silver Lining.”

When you’re in the midst of an exhausting job search – especially in the Big Apple, it can be reviving to find a new hobby and/or make a new friend in the process of looking for a job. Not only does it relieve fatigue and stress, but it can also expand one’s horizons and have long-lasting benefits. There are not that many times in one’s life where they have the time to explore new things, so you should take advantage of freedom while you have it.

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