Hope: A Pathway To Success

Meditations for Career Changers

Hope: A Pathway To Success

As a New York City Career Counselor and NYC Career Coach who has worked with thousands of individuals over my career, I wanted to share one last thought before this year ends and the new year begins.

My favorite word is hope. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for something to happen……

Maintaining a hopeful attitude is crucial in our lives – especially in times of stress, change, and turbulence.

How can you remain balanced and hopeful as to your future?

First – set clear, reasonable, actionable value-based goals.

Second – keep track and be accountable to either a friend, colleague or mentor as to your progress. If possible brainstorm ideas that utilize your strengths with colleagues, friends, and mentors. Listening to inspirational stories/speeches i.e. TED talks, podcasts, etc. can also serve as great motivators.

Third and most importantly – take daily action on your goals. Strength builds on strength and action leads to action.

Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments, small or large. Remember social support is the greatest stress reducer and can be a source of inspiration.

As you enter 2018, embrace a sense of hope and the courage to be all you can be.

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