Gaps in Employment – Don’t Feel The Need To Apologize

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Gaps in Employment – Don’t Feel The Need To Apologize

So you have some time off in between jobs. It happens to everyone. Some people hide it better than others. Some people embrace time as an opportunity. And some people feel the pressure. As a veteran NYC Career Counselor and New York Career Coach who has worked with thousands of New York executives seeking career and job search advice, I am here to tell you that there is no need to feel sorry.

Resumes and Cover Letters
For anyone with a gap in their work history, writing a resume or cover letter when you are reentering the workforce can be a challenging task. An unfilled interval of time on a resume may concern some potential employers who may feel the applicant’s skills are either rusty or obsolete.

Education and Training
Who can you combat this issue? Make certain you convey a familiarity with the newest technology through training or in-person/online classes. Most applicants believe they can achieve this with increased training and practice.

Family Matters
What if you have not worked in your field in order to attend to some family issues with children, parents or spouses? Whatever has kept you away from work can be seen as helpful and beneficial if it is presented effectively.

One strategy is to highlight your accomplishments during your time away. For example, people who have been kept busy by family matters should highlight their organizational or time management skills.

Others should discuss their projects in the most meaningful and relevant ways. For example, if you’ve participated in fundraising or community events, they are worth discussing for some of the same reasons.

Networking and Keeping Up To Date
With the increased use of technology, it is relatively easy for those who have been out of the workforce for any sustained period of time to reacquaint themselves with their former colleagues or with their peers elsewhere in their field. Perhaps there is a lecture or luncheon that you can attend.

Positive Attitude
No matter what has kept you away from your profession it is always suggested that you keep a positive attitude when trying to stage a return to your work. Therefore you should not apologize for these gaps of time but focus upon the “lessons learned” while out on leave.

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