Are You Ready For Change?

Meditations for Career Changers

Are You Ready For Change?

In my last two meditations, I wrote about how change is hard. Whether you are a job seeker or in career transition or seeking out a better lifestyle or family/life/work balance, there will always be challenges. As an NYC Career Coach and New York city based Career Counselor who has worked with thousands of Manhattan-based executives as well as professionals from all over the country and world, I have learned what it means and what it takes for to make the necessary changes in order to achieve one’s goals.

Readiness to change
We all need to establish strategic and psychological readiness to change. Psychological readiness includes recognizing your obstacles and barriers. Ask yourself what is holding you back? What is blocking you? It might be a real obstacle or a perceived obstacle that can be overcome. You might want to check this out with a trusted advisor or an objective professional. The more you embrace your perceived obstacles, the better able you are to assess the situation and make the best decision for yourself.

Recharge your batteries
Sometimes you merely need to recharge your batteries. If you need a change, sometimes it is helpful to take on a temporary assignment. Short professional stints and consulting gigs, while not necessarily seen as a potential career opportunity, might just be the break you are looking for. For example, if you work behind a desk and are unhappy with the lack of human contact, try working in a customer service capacity. Moves like this can revive you when you become stuck in a rut. It might take extra effort initially, but it can serve as a reprieve.

Make adjustments and improvements
Before figuring out what is next, the key is to feel better and more like yourself. A bad work situation can wear you down in a very destructive way. You need to repair the damage before moving on. Try to make improvements in at least one area of your life. Do something that gets you on the right track to being you!

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