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Change HD is a great resource for career advice about change

Fact #1: Virtually everybody wants to make changes for a happier life, a better career, or more meaningful work.
Problem #1: Most people do not know what they truly long for, how to make the right changes, or they may be too scared to make the necessary changes to achieve their goals.

SOLUTION: Change HD is an online video-viewing platform where real people tell how they have made significant changes and what they have learned in their lives. The large number of videos can be viewed at anytime and from anywhere, and viewers can find real inspiration and real-life examples specifically relevant to their particular situations.

Below you will find links to video stories and documentaries that inspire and show how to make meaningful changes in your life.

You will also find expert advice in a number of specific fields, how to bring about major changes in order to lead a better life and engage in more fulfilling work.

Change HD benefits people who yearn to make major changes in life, career, relationship, and business.

If you would like to know more about Change HD, please give Lynn a call at 212-289-5197.

 Video Titles  Links
  ChangeHD Introduction
  Lynn Berger Profile
  Sheila’s Story Part I: The Leap from Nursing to Investment Banking
  Sheila’s Story Part II: The Importance of Keeping Engaged
  Sheila’s Story Part III: Lessons Learned
  Barbara’s Story Part I: The Leap from Church to Private Sector
  Barbara’s Story Part II: Always Willing to Take a Chance
  Barbara’s Story Part III: Lessons Learned
  Dale’s Story Part I: Finding True Passion
  Dale’s Story Part II: Opening up to New Consciousness and New Life
  Dale’s Story Part III: Lessons Learned
  Peregrine’s Story Part I: Three Major Life Changes
  Peregrine’s Story Part II: Being Mindful
  Peregrine’s Story Part III: Lessons Learned
  Barbara Nair’s Story Part I: Starting an Arts Center from Scratch
  Barbara Nair’s Story Part II: Lessons Learned
  Meryl’s Story Part I: Transforming from a Dancer to a Business Executive
  Meryl’s Story Part II: Where Confidence Comes from
  Meryl’s Story Part III: Lessons Learned

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