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Lynn Berger M.A., Ed.M., LMHC, NCC, PCC 

providing career coaching and counseling

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Lynn Berger Career Counseling and Coaching

Counseling people in career transition through analysis, planning, testing and personal development. Providing executive, corporate and career coaching for business professionals.

Happiness ... joy... pleasure... balance...

Do you experience these qualities in your life? From time to time, we may need adjustments in our career or personal life to bring us the satisfaction, motivation, or fulfillment we need to improve the quality of our life. Life is too short and precious not to enjoy every part of it. Consider making a career change if:

  • your job situation or responsibilities have changed;
  • you are feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied in your work and in your life;
  • you are unhappy or bored with the career you have chosen;
  • interpersonal issues at work are getting in your way
    and affecting your performance;
  • stress affects you emotionally, mentally or physically;
  • you feel daily pressures are too burdensome.

As a career counselor and coach, I can help assess your talents, identify your needs, and provide the necessary motivation for you to accomplish your goals. In a counseling and coaching relationship we will form a dynamic team to assist you in career planning and development that will:

  • set both short and long range goals;
  • determine action plans and monitor progress in attaining goals;
  • resolve communication problems;
  • manage change and conflict;
  • keep you focused and on track;
  • maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.

Together we will work to maximize your potential and ease your concerns. The career counseling program is designed to increase your level of professional and personal fulfillment, satisfaction and overall enjoyment. Many clients achieve a renewed sense of perspective and make significant positive changes in their lives.

I approach my work in a thorough, succinct, relaxed and personalized manner. Through discussion, structured exercises, and career testing we will identify your skills, interests, personal style, needs and values. Career analysis will include, The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) along with other appropriate instruments. The information we uncover and develop through career counseling and coaching will enable us to create a career plan that will achieve excellence in your work and your life.

The experience should prove to be a rewarding one!

Lynn has been extensively quoted in major articles and publications regarding employment and career counseling and coaching issues, including:

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