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In “The Savvy Part-time Professional,” respected career and life coach Lynn Berger makes a strong case for part-time employment as a viable option for:

  • Parents who want more time with their children but can’t risk breaking the family budget
  • Seniors seeking both stimulation and a cushion for dwindling retirement funds
  • Stressed-out overachievers who want more from life than a sixty-hour work week and a McMansion mortgage.

But Lynn doesn’t stop there. She gives readers the tools, know-how, and inspiration needed to land, create, or negotiate the position they want, for the money they want. “The Savvy Part-Time Professional” includes:

  • Real life examples of people who have made the switch Ideas and options for part-time positions and tips for working part-time within an organization or at home
  • Questionnaires and work sheets to help people determine life/work needs and desires
  • Information on job-sharing, telecommuting, starting a small business and more Ideas on how to negotiate or create the position you want
  • Resources to get you started and see you through the process

The book also contains inspirational stories of those who have made the switch, information on job-sharing and resources to get you started.

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Press Release: The Savvy Part-Time Professional by Lynn Berger Publishes 9/15/2006. (PDF File)

Referenced in The Boston Globe, “Negotiating salary is best done in person”, May 11, 2008
Appeared on the Joan Hamburg radio show , March 2007

Mentioned in Money Magazine – Nov 2007
“Talk Your Way to a Shorter Workweek.” – Page 44.

The Washington Post ran a feature article on Lynn’s book, Sunday, October 22, 2006, entitled Creating A Part-Time Work Solution. You may read it here (PDF File).

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October 24, 2006: The Wall Street Journal – Lynn’s book was also mentioned in an article “Build a Case Before Asking To Work Less”.

Lynn’s Book was referenced by Joyce Lain Kennedy, Syndicated Columnist for Tribune Media Services. You may read it here (PDF).

Episodes Description – Retirement Living TV

Lynn Berger – National Certified Counselor & Professional Certified Coach … (Source: “The Savvy Part-Time Professional” by Lynn Berger) …, July 2007 – Volunteering Can Open Doors to a New Career

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