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Lynn has appeared on television and radio shows across the country and is available as a guest expert on many career related topics:  For example your viewers, listeners and readers need career advice if ;

their job situation or responsibilities changed and they are are feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied in their work their life;

they are unhappy or bored with the career they have chosen;

interpersonal issues at work are getting in their way and affecting their performance;

stress affects them emotionally, mentally or physically;

daily pressures are too burdensome.

Lynn can help you provide simple and savvy tips and ideas for your viewers, listeners and readers.

For example, Lynn was a monthly guest on the Mary Jones show.  (It aired weekdays 3-6 pm on The Talk of Connecticut stations -WDRC AM 1360/FM 102.9-3) from April 2013 until December 2013. Her appearances dealt with topics ranging from Negotiating Salaries; The Communication Differences Between Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y; Easing the Back to School Transition for Parents; How To Use Your Summer Wisely, etc.  The shows are currently listed on her web site

Working on a monthly radio appearance was a wonderful experience and her listeners enjoyed and appreciated the topics discussed.
Her expertise and enthusiasm can add value to your listeners, viewers and/or readers.

Check out Lynn’s prior radio/ television and articles quoted on her web site  On-line and media pages:

Please let Lynn know how she can be of assistance to you.  She is looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

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Lynn Berger, Career Coach, M.A., Ed.M.
(212) 289-5197
125 East 84th Street Suite 1B
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