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Lynn Berger- Career Counselor, Consultant and Personal Coach

Lynn Berger is a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Master Career Counselor and Professional Certified Coach. She received her M.A. in Organizational Psychology and her Ed.M. in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University, New York. 

In addition to her private practice, Ms. Berger conducts career workshops relating to women, work and stress and a variety of other topics. Her past experience includes working in the Consulting and Human Resource fields. She is also the University of Pennsylvania- External New York Career Coach. 

"I LOVE my work and want for every individual I work with to achieve their goals and fully appreciate their natural gifts."

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Career Workshops Taught

"For Professional Women - How To Ease The Pressures of Daily Life"
"Finding the Balance In Your Life"
"Careers & Parenthood"
"Understanding the Opposite Sex in the Workplace"
"Networking Techniques"
"How to Cope with the Changing Work Place"

Online TV Host for
is an online video-on-demand TV network where real people share real-life stories about how they have made significant changes, what they have learned, and what changes they are striving to make now.

Television Appearances

Coach World TV with Laurie Lawson and Lynn Berger

October/November 2010 Career Talk Live, Manhattan Neighborhood Network

May 9, 2007 - Art Fennell Reports CN8
The Comcast Network

Channel 7 Eyewitness News Interview,
April 2005

October 2004 - Video News Release. "Mary Kay Video News Release".
(Not recommended for dial-up users. Requires Windows Media Player to view. You may download it here if necessary)

May 2003 - Interviewed on Fox News 5, New York.

November 2003 - appeared on Cable Television on panel presentation
discussing careers.
April 2002 - Appeared on Good Morning America LA7 Italian Television Network.
She was interviewed on the role of a Personal Coach.

Radio Guest Host

"The Mary Jones Show" -  On The Talk of Connecticut December 9, 2013
How to Best Set Goals for the New Year

"The Mary Jones Show" -  On The Talk of Connecticut November 26, 2013
Keeping Up the Job Search During the Holidays

"The Mary Jones Show" -  On The Talk of Connecticut October 1, 2013
How To Encourage Good Health Habits For Your Children

BlogTalkRadio - July 18, 2013
Coach Chat With Lynn Berger

"The Mary Jones Show" -  On The Talk of Connecticut September 3, 2013
Easing the back to school transition for parents

"The Mary Jones Show" -  On The Talk of Connecticut July 2, 2013
Tips for an Intern

"The Mary Jones Show" -  On The Talk of Connecticut June 4, 2013
Negotiating Salaries

"The Mary Jones Show" -  On The Talk of Connecticut May 8, 2013
Encouraging People to "Lean In" and Use Their Summer Wisely

"The Mary Jones Show" -  On The Talk of Connecticut April 2, 2013
Communication differences between Baby Boomers,
Gen X and Gen Y

Interviewed on Morning Living, Martha Stewart Living Radio
SiriusXM Satellite Radio on September 14, 2012.

Interviewed on Morning Living, Martha Stewart Living Radio
SiriusXM Satellite Radio on February 10th.

Interview with Casual Worforce-"Job Search Tactics" August 2011. - Audio program on quality resume creation
Interviewed on "Everyday Leadership with Daniel Mulhern" the Governor of Michigan's husband, First Gentleman

WCBS AM 880 - Interviewed on a piece regarding unemployment. February 2009

Appeared on the Joan Hamburg show , March 2007

National Audio Newsrelease- Sony Ericsson Campus Connectors Program

WACK AM 1420 Larry Ann Evans Show February 2002 and December 2003
Radio guest on WVON 1450 AM Chicago, Mo in The Midday, June 2002
Radio guest on KPAY AM 1290 The Morning Show February 2002
WMNS AM 1360 Bill Connelly Show September 2001
KVML 1450 A.M. News Plus at Noon August 2001
Radio Show "Sex, Money & Power" Career Segment WALE-AM
WICH AM 1310-Career Segment August 2001 - guest host "Get a Life" July 1999

Success Talk - " Making the Most of Life - Insights to Creating Career and Personal Change"

Career Counseling Articles Written

Appeared in The Parents League Review 2002-
Parenthood and Career: Thinking About The Choices

Monthly Broadcast Contributor -
Lynn Berger, Career Counselor "Top Ten" lists and articles on

Lynn Berger, Career Consultant "Top Ten" lists and articles on

Articles Quoted In

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Nurse Connect - New Year, New Career? Six Signs It May Be Time for a Change, January 15, 2013 

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Quoted in TIME Moneyland - "I’m Unemployed and I Want to Start My Own Business", September 6, 2011 Career expert Q+A-  August 2011

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October 4, 2010

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Quoted in Article, "Are You Thinking About Contract or Part-Time Work as a Stopgap?"

Quoted in article, "In our co-workers we trust?"
February 21, 2010

Quoted in Time Out New York August 2009- "Get A Better Job" issue
"Start by creating a portfolio career with multiple part-time jobs in the field. Career Counselor Lynn Berger calls it a win-win. You get tryout experience which employers like, she says, "but you don't lock yourself in."

May 4, 2009 - Quoted in The New York Post,  Strike Out Zone.-Saving Your Self Esteem

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career articlesQuoted in the Tribune Network Newspapers which include Newsday, The L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune on November 30, 2003 - "Winning the Battle of Nerves-Job Seekers Should Show Confidence."

Quoted on

Seven Tips for Social Networking Online"
"10 Ways To Keep Busy Between Jobs"

Quoted in - "Career-Prep Your Kids"
Quoted in Wall Street Journal
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Quoted in New York Daily News
Quoted on
"Confident workers are more likely to initiate-and finish-projects outside their job's delineated duties.  Such motivation is critical to a career boost, says Lynn Berger, a New York career coach.  "Show the extra edge," she advises.  Project to your employer that you're motivated, out there, trying and wanting more!"  Monthly Broadcast Contributor -

Panel Discussions

"Job Search after 40" - Career Transition for Dancers
New York City, January 2011

Participated in a Meet-up group in New York City, February 2011 -
"Working Part-Time: a Conversation with Lynn Berger"

Lynn Berger, Career Consultant, is currently a member of:  

  • The Board of Directors at the Federation Employment and Guidance Service
  • Career Development Specialists Network, Member of Executive Board
  • International Coach Federation
  • Graduate Coach University
  • National Career Development Association
"Lynn Berger is knowledgeable, well prepared, supportive and understanding, while being professional."

Former Career Coaching Client


"Important thing I got from you was not to quit!"

Coaching Client